My name Is Rachel Dowda, and I am the creator behind Drift and Dwell.

I've always been a creative in some form. When I was young I would crochet on car trips and sew little dolls for myself. I would teach myself a new skill, dive in head first, and then just as quickly move on to something different. 

I always feel like I'm jumping across a pond in the dark with a flashlight--rock to rock--trusting, hoping, risking. I jumped from JH Ranch in California, back home to Florida, and then to Legacy School of Discipleship in Alabama, where I camped out for a few years. While I was there, I met some people who really spoke into my life. I heard their, "you can really do this. We believe in you" echo through my head and heart. In the midst of shared meals, community living, and the most loving people, I began to believe that maybe I could really do this whole art thing for real. And not in ten years like I always thought, but right now. Somehow those hints of truth sank in really deep because I started to believe them.

Eventually, the wind blew me home to Florida, for what I thought would be a super short season. I was planning on moving to the mountains to adventure there. But in August of 2016, I was in a hit and run while riding a bicycle. I broke my leg in two spots, and had surgery to insert a rod, plate, and six screws. Those circumstances changed my plans completely, and I ended up having to stay in Florida. While recovering from surgery, I decided to not watch any TV, but just create. I picked up macrame and weaving on a whim and fell in love. I was able to make a little money while stuck in a recliner with a cast. When I finally was able to "work" again, I realized that I had already been working, and pursued continuing to do art full time.

It's an adventure for sure. And terrifying most of the time. But it fills my heart and lifts my spirit like nothing else, and I feel like this is what I'm supposed to be doing right now. I would rather risk everything and fail, than play it safe for the rest of my life. 

Please reach out if you're interested in a custom piece, or check out my shop to see available work.

If you are a business owner, my pieces are available for consigment and wholesale.

I'd love to meet you, create with you, and cheer you on as part of this beautiful, creative community.

To see past work and  my process, check out Drift and Dwell on Instagram

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