just a few recovery haikus

While taking some time to take care of myself and walk towards wholeness, I started to (very randomly) write haikus about my process. Feel free to share with others, just put me as the source :)



rip open your chest

let truth spill out of your mouth

and flowers will grow



rushing through your bones

adventure is not a place

but mountains in you



made to climb mountains

and sleep under stars

for they will feed you



let trust embrace you

open hands receive healing

you are made for more



stretch above the trees

and see the wonder pass by

the sky is now home



i am a moon child

a goddess of space and time

body full of stars



we are meant to feel

so let the emotion flow

a full heart’s a gift



I’m walking bravely

the lions will not eat me

i’ll eat them first



turning back and forth

either way is fine with me

a choices are paths



the seasons change too

and aren't you made of earth

wind blows and also you



feeling proud is now

and this is the beginning

roses pushing up



tell the wolves i’m home

my nightmares could not catch me

i’m safe in my pack



deep roots and rich soil

vines spreading, stalks growing tall

this garden is me



the mountains are me

rivers flow on through my veins

healing wind blows by


A Song to my Neck

you hold my head high

but banished under a veil

why do I hide you


giraffes are not shy

they move amongst the clouds

thriving with the trees



hidden fearlessness

lion heart, strong hands, wise mind

draw your sword and fight



stars are inside you

constellations in your blood

please know you’re magic



a caterpillar

does not know when it happens

but then wings break through



wrapped, safe, covered and

it will all be okay now

you know what to do



fear grabs my hand and

tries to interlock fingers

but i let his go


and he reaches out

but with hands in my pockets

i walk towards the mountains


fear is still right there

and i avoid his hands by

picking up flowers



blood is thicker than

water but we all drink from

the same golden cup



girls carry life in

the center of their being

a secret garden



standing in front of

glass that i give the power

dictate love and hate


my body stands there

pinching, squeezing my skin suit

but this suit loves me


so i say thank you

she does so much for me and

deserves all the love


Pick One

isnt it something

shame is debilitating

sadness is movement



talons squeezing my brain

whispering and convincing

now is saying no



know life gets better

every day you welcome it

so say good morning



hiding, avoiding

feral house cat was my life

now wolf in a pack



courage is standing

in front of the mirror and

saying i love you