Guest Post: Meredith Parrot

Here’s the thing-- You have to start somewhere. (I just turned on dramatic music to get my self amped up to write this). But guys, here’s also the thing (A phrase I rarely use but am now kicking into over drive) starting somewhere actually requires a lot of vulnerability. To put a pen to paper, walk into an interview, tell someone you have a crush on them, it all starts somewhere. BUT, here is also the thing: God is a good God. *Thank you Meredith for that revelation* I kid, but obviously for a lot of people that is a very redundant and obvious statement. However, until you actually start do you begin to see how much you can actually manipulate what His goodness looks like. 

So, here I am post-grad scrambling around a new city, applying for something new every other day and almost subconsciously taking all of that circumstance and evaluating God based on my progress. What!!?? Guys, this is what He is teaching me: He is legitimately good despite how things are going for me. There’s an aspect of His vast goodness in particular though that is really captivating me. It is the idea that He is an abundant giver. 

I’d like to share a story about this now. 

So, I decided to go to the gym before work and I while I was there I needed to pump something good in me besides pop music. I listened to a Bethel podcast. It was about how the Lord actually wants to do more than just meet our needs, but actually lavish Himself on us; shower us with blessing! That sounds really good to me, but I’m not sure I actually knew that on a Meredith level.

So, I’m interning at this women’s resource center here in Nashville that is an amazing place. For those of you who have also been an intern, you have this mutual understanding with me about how complicated industrial sized printers can be and how surprisingly difficult it is to find the paper quantity to hole punch ratio. All to say, being an intern for this place had a lot of silver linings, but it also required a lot of mundane work. One of my jobs in particular is to help keep record of all the donations that people bring in. A lot of the time that just looks like me carrying stuff down some stairs or greeting a donor with a smile at our back door. 

Guys, this day was so incredibly lit with donations I probably shouldn’t have even bothered to sit at my little intern desk. I was handing out forms left and right! I don’t know what was in the water the night before, but we got so many donations I could barely pack them into our supply room. 

(stay with me folks)

Another one of my jobs at my internship is to meet with clients who are interested in some of the services we have for pregnant moms or moms who just had their child. I get the privilege to meet with them, ask how their doing, explain our services, and then narrow down what they would like to be involved in. Interestingly, this same crazy Nashville donation day was the day I got to meet with a client who we will call Suzy.

Usually I feel like I have time to read over a few things before I go in and meet with a client, maybe even ask God for something special I could bless them with, but this day was a whirlwind, I hadn’t even realized Suzy had come in the building. 

So, here I am meeting with her and she is just unloading stress after stress about how she is going to be able to provide for her child whose due date is rapidly approaching. Suzy in particular was so incredibly anxious about getting a car seat to bring her sweet baby home from the hospital in. 

I listened of to Suzy express her concerns, but a smile was growing on my face. Little did she know, we had the largest donation day I have ever seen, and specifically we had more car seats donated than I had ever seen. We were swimming in things she needed.

Then, IT HIT ME, this is how abundant God is. He not only wants to give me just one carseat, but five. I can’t see all He is orchestrating for me, but it is happening around, beyond, beneath, and near me all the freaking time! He is for me, and has a plan! He not only wants me to just make it, He wants me to excel beyond my wildest dreams. He loves to love me!

And that goes for you too! 

That day easily became my favorite day at my internship. I was able to look Suzy in the eye and tell her the Lord has heard her cry and had been preparing a way for her all the while. As she sat there listening to me talk about how we’ve received so many donations I can’t even move in the supply room what began to happen which sometimes comes out in a big smile, a belly laugh, or a pair of tear filled eyes, was a sweet knowing me and Suzy shared-- we are loved by the Father.


Meredith is possibly the easiest person to love and feel loved by. She's faithful and wise and will probably will make you laugh until you can't breath.

Living and creating magic in Nashville, TN. 

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